Mastercard reconciled people whose relationship had broken down


Mastercard as a headline sponsor of The BRIT Awards created The Listening Room, a unique environment to bring people together through the power of music. The Listening Room film marks the latest iteration in Mastercard’s Start Something Priceless campaign which is designed to inspire people to pursue a passion and transform small moments into amazing memories.

Mastercard worked with pairs of people whose relationship had broken down in some way. The couples were positioned face-to-face, some of whom had not seen or spoken to one another in years. Whilst simply looking at each other, specially composed track was played to them through headphones. The three minutes of emotionally-driven music unravelled each couple and started a conversation between all participants. David Arnold, Grammy award-winning, British music producer, has composed what is set to be one of the most emotional pieces of music in the world, designed to help rebuild broken relationships.

Nicola Grant, head of marketing and communications at Mastercard UK and Ireland said: “The Listening Room shows how music has the power to move us, inspire us and most importantly, bring us together and start a conversation when it’s most needed. We set out to truly start something priceless – a new beginning between two people who have stopped speaking. As we celebrate 20 years of sponsoring The BRITs, it feels like the perfect way to celebrate the profound effect music can have on us.”

David Arnold says: “Music is an extraordinary catalyst. If you have the willingness to change, it’s amazing how music can help make that change happen. For me, as a writer it has to be personal. Music has to be about how one feels and how other people feel when hearing that note, instrument or melody. I was asked by Mastercard specifically to create a piece of music that might actually spark a connection and start a conversation. I like challenging, unique and unusual things and this is certainly that!»

Nordoff-Robbins, the largest independent music therapy charity in the UK, were on hand during the connection of couples, assisting Arnold through composing the music and supporting the couples after their emotional journey. The charity, is dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people. With a team of musically skilled therapists, they work with people to help combat unwanted emotions with the use of music. For most, music is a simple enjoyment, but for some people it is a very important means of combatting social isolation or of overcoming limitations associated with illness, disability or trauma.

Emily Grimes, Therapist at Nordoff-Robbins says: The power of music can be incredible. Music affects us physically and it has a lot to do with our sense of identity –it can help bring people together through shared experiences, like singing in choirs or playing in bands. Music can also act as a powerful reminder of people or places and shared music can be a significant part of being together. It is linked to our sense of who we are, where we come from and how we wish to be perceived.”

As part of its Start Something Priceless campaign, Mastercard has also launched a world first concept which gives anyone the opportunity to listen to a ‘Soundtrack of their Life’, by simply entering their Twitter username.

The innovative new technology allows users to type any Twitter username into and Mastercard will use the emoji’s, key words and pictures posted over the past year to translate into a series of unique beats, married together to create a personalized soundtrack.

The short video dedicated to the project:



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