Payments for AZN 99 bn made through national payment system


August 4, Fineko/ In the 1st half of 2021 the 35.5 million total volume of payment transactions conducted through the National Payment System (AZIPS, XOHKS) amounted to AZN 98.5 bn, and their number reached operations.

ABC.AZ reports that during this period the quantity of payments that passed through the real-time Interbank Settlement System for Large & Urgent Payments (AZIPS), which is the main component of the National Payment System, amounted to 471,000 and the volume – 83.2 bn, and on the system of clearing of settlements on small payments (XOHKS), which allows making small and constantly recurring payments on electronic media, 35.1 million operations for AZN 15.3 bn.

For the first 6 months of this year the insurance premiums for AZN 1.2 million were collected within the framework of the green card system.

For the same period of 2020, the number of transactions on AZIPS amounted to 383,000 transactions for AZN 93.5 bn and via XOHKS – 27,300 operations for AZN 12.9 bn. When comparing the corresponding periods, there is an increase in the number of operations via AZIPS by 23% and via XOHKS by 29%.