Boeing plans to sell aircrafts for $1.47 trillion to China by 2040

12:42 - 23 Сентябрь 2021

September 23, Fineko/ American aircraft manufacturer Boeing plans to sell 8,700 aircrafts for totally $1.47 trillion to Chinese air carriers by 2040.

Boeing Corporation informs that according to forecasts, in the next 20 years China will need to increase the number of personnel in the field of air transportation by 400,000 people - pilots, technical specialists, flight attendants.

According to Boeing estimates, the company annually creates a gross product worth $1.5 bn in China, contributing to the training of professional employees.

"There are good opportunities that allow us to significantly increase the number of international destinations [to China] that provide for long-distance transportation, as well as increase the carrying capacity," said Richard Wynn, managing director of Boeing's China division. He specified that the rapid recovery of the Chinese air transportation industry in the context of the pandemic testifies about the elasticity and great potential of the Chinese market.