The scientists from UNEC and the Inonu University of Turkey will conduct the joint research


The cooperation agreement was signed between UNEC and Inonu University of Turkey with the purpose of expanding the cooperation in education and research area.

According to the document, the parties will implement exchange of teachers, the students of bachelor’s degree level and master’s degree level of study, the doctoral students and the researchers, as well as, conduct the joint scientific researches, work on joint scientific publications, hold seminars and conferences.

The rector, professor Adalat Muradov spoke to the the delegation headed by the rector of Inonu University, the professor Ahmet Kizilay about the UNEC Development Strategy diections and gave the information about the double- degree program implemented with the leading, well-known universities of the world.

Expressing satisfaction with the acquaintance with UNEC, the professor, Ahmet Kizilay said that, the Inonu University wanted to benefit from the rich experience of UNEC. He highly appreciated the master’s degree level and the doctorate education and noted that, the coopertaion in this area would be beneficial for them.

In the meeting, were exchanged the views on expanding the cooperation in the field of scientific-research. Was emphasized the importance of joint cooperation in the training of staff in technical specialties. The parties discussed the opportunities for expanding the Mevlana exchange program and the collaborating on Erasmus+ exchange program, as well.

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