PM’s task: Six principles of food safety


January 21, Fineko/ At the government meeting, the basic principles were defined in connection with the instructions voiced in the closing speech of Prime Minister Ali Asadov in the field of providing basic foodstuffs, in particular grain.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Cabinet Ministers’ press service that the principles are the main principles of the strategy for providing basic foodstuffs:

- the basic principle is that in food safety, the center of gravity on the main products is mainly transferred to local production. To reduce the cost of production, improve its quality and increase the volume;

- The second basic principle is that the government chooses a course of subsidizing not imports, but production.

- The third principle is the liberalization of prices for main types of food products.

Two red lines have been defined: the first is to prevent artificial price increases, and the second is to ensure the margin of entrepreneurs.

The fight against unfair competition will be intensified.

The principle of granting subsidies based on results aims to increase transparency in the field of subsidies and stimulate the production of more products.