Prices for some products increased in April


May 6, Fineko/abc.az. The food price index, which has been rising for 11 months, has grown by another 1.7% in April up to 120.9 points, the highest since May 2014.

ABC.AZ reports that the main factors that caused this growth were the growth of the grain crops index for the month by 1.2% up to 125.1 points, sugar by 3.9% up to 100 points, vegetable oil by 1.8% up to 162 points, dairy products by 1.2% up to 118.9 points, meat by 1.7% up to 101.8 points.

Compared with April 2020, prices for cereals increased by 25.6 points (by 26%) and for dairy products by 24.1%.