Faster internet connection with 4G MiFi from Azercell!


July 1, Fineko/abc.az.  Bearing additional gift, MiFi device can easily distribute Internet to up to 10 users at the same time 

Taking into account the importance of high quality and effective internet connection, the country's leading mobile operator Azercell Telecom continues to offer convenient and affordable solutions in this area. As a part of the company's current campaign, along with the new MiFi M25, subscribers will also be able to receive a 50GB internet package as a gift. This advanced device, which costs only 99 AZN, provides fast internet connection for about 10 users at the same time.


Its small size allows to carry this device with you all the time. The equipment is also quite easy to carry, as well as to use and install. One of the most important features for users is the energy-saving function of the MiFI device - only one full charge allows the device to operate continuously for up to 8 hours. When not in use, you can set the device to automatic sleep mode, thus saving both internet and energy.


It should be noted that within the campaign, each 4G MiFi device is provided with 1 prepaid line number in the "Data Tariff". Subscribers can get the device both in Azercell Exclusive Stores and Azercell's official dealer stores.


For more information about the campaign, it is recommended to follow this link:


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