Implementation of Zangezur Corridor can contribute to economic potential of region


October 15, Fineko/abc.az. "Under the conditions of post-conflict construction, as well as surplus of payment and aggregate budget balances, macroeconomic fundamentals stimulate economic growth.

ABC.AZ reports that this is stated in the report of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms & Communications.

The report stresses that according to forecasts, the ratio of Azerbaijan to GDP due to current operations in 2021 will be 7.8% and will significantly exceed the same indicator of the Middle East and Central Asia - 1.7%.

"According to forecasts, Azerbaijan will enter Top 3 in the Middle East and Central Asia region in 2021 in relation to GDP due to current operations.

Despite the fact that Azerbaijan is preparing for the post-oil period, at present it confidently retains the status of an oil and gas exporter against the background of problems in the energy markets, and strengthens its role in the energy security of Europe, which is facing serious threats. Against the background of problems arising in supply chains in the world, Azerbaijan's implementation of a new artery over the East-West corridor - the Zangezur Corridor can contribute to the economic growth potential of not only our country, but also the region," the report says.