Districts of Azerbaijan that remain without executive power heads


July 25, Fineko/abc.az. Today, President Ilham Aliyev has appointed new executive power heads of three districts.

ABC.AZ reports that after the new appointments, the posts of the heads of the two districts are still vacant.

Ibrahim Mustafayev, who had been managing Kedabek district since 2018, was dismissed from office on 5 October 2021 and was appointed deputy head of the Department for Territorial & Organizational Issues of the Presidential Administration. Since last year, the appointment to the Gedabek district has not been carried out by the president.

Goychay district has been under the control of the first deputy head of executive power since 28 February to this day. Thus, by the presidential order of the President, Mehdi Salimzade was dismissed from the post of the head of the Goychay District Executive Power. Shortly after that, the head's assistant Vahid Isayev was arrested and brought before the court, which sentenced him to 4 months in prison.