Azerbaijan has increased tariffs for Internet services


August 10, Fineko/ Baku Telephone Communications LLC, owned by the Ministry of Digital Development & Transport, has made changes to tariffs for GPON technology-based telecom services.

ABC.AZ reports that for this purpose, users of GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) tariffs of 4 Mbit/s and 10 Mbit/s have been transferred to tariff packages of 15 Mbit/s and 30 Mbit/s, respectively, since 6 August 2022.

As for the price change, if earlier the monthly subscription fee for 4 Mbit/sec of Internet tariff was 10 manats, now after the change the monthly fee for 15 Mbit/s is 15 manats. If the monthly subscription fee of another 10 Mbit/s tariff is 12.5 manats, then for a 30 Mbit/s Internet package with a tariff change, the monthly subscription fee will be 18 manats.