Germany to run out of gas in three months


August 17, Fineko/ Amid an energy crisis where Russia is restricting gas supplies to Europe, Germany's gas storage capacity is above the norm, but it may not be enough to survive this winter.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to foreign media that Klaus Muller, head of the Federal Network Agency, which is the country's energy regulatory agency, said the gas reserves can cover 95% of the target for November, and if Russia completely cuts off gas supplies, these stocks will last only 2-2.5 months. Stocks are reported to be 77% full at present.

Muller said it would be "difficult to reach the 95% occupancy rate planned for November."

Russia's shutdown of gas supplies through the Nord Stream pipeline, which transports gas to Germany, has led to Europe's worst energy crisis in years, as Germany, which depends on Russian gas, tries to increase its reserves.