Over AZN 305 million returned to population in Azerbaijan as part of VAT refund mechanism


September 21, Fineko/abc.az. Over Jan-Aug 2022, AZN 133.6 million were returned to the population in Azerbaijan as part of the VAT refund mechanism.

The State Tax Service informs that since the beginning of the application of the VAT Refund Mechanism, AZN 305.5 million have been returned to the population.

Since the start of the portal in May 2020, about 1.9 million users have been registered in the system to date.

"Since the beginning of operation of the portal, the amount of the returned part of VAT amounted to AZN 305.5 million on 732.105 million checks. For Jan-Aug 2022 this figure amounted to AZN 133.6 million on 303.85 million checks," the Tax Service says.

The Azerbaijani tax authorities have so far installed 74,242 new-generation cash registers, including 6,487 ones in August.

Their turnover for Jan-Aug 2022 amounted to AZN 15.307 bn (57.8% more against Jan-Aug 2021).