Azerbaijani entrepreneurs’ capital in Turkey grows


September 26, Fineko/ Turkey registered 214 companies with Azerbaijani capital for the past 8 months (by 61 companies more versus Jan-Aug 2021), ABC.AZ was informed at the Turkish Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TOBB).

Along with the number of registered Azerbaijani companies, their total capital also increased.

 “If during the past 8 months the total capital of Azerbaijani companies registered in Turkey amounted to 82.4 million Turkish liras, then for the same period of 2021 this figure was 42.9 million Turkish liras,” TOBB informs.

It was also noted that for Jan-Aug 2022 the majority of Azerbaijani companies were registered in Istanbul - 176.

“Istanbul-registered Azerbaijani companies’ total capital reached 65.7 million Turkish liras," TOBB said.