Over past 8 months, 84% of compensations were paid by 5 companies


September 29, Fineko/abc.az. Out of AZN 283.67 million of compensations paid in Azerbaijan for Jan-Aug 2022, AZN 238.216 million or 84% accounted for 5 insurance companies.

ABC.AZ reports that among them are PAŞA Həyat Sığorta (AZN 142.37 million), PAŞA Sığorta (AZN 48.03 million), Xalq Sığorta (AZN 16.929 million), Atəşgah Həyat Sığorta (AZN 15.595 million), and Azərsığorta (AZN 15.287 million).

The insurers that paid the least compensations for the past 8 months are Meqa Həyat Sığorta (AZN 3,000), Ipək Yolu Sığorta (AZN 127,000), Xalq Həyat Sığorta (AZN 213,000), Aqrar Sığorta Muştərək Sığorta Şirkəti (AZN 281,000) and Naxçıvan Sığorta (AZN 339,000). All these companies compensated for a total of AZN 963,000 (0.3% of all compensation paid).

The total payments of the remaining 10 insurance companies amounted to AZN 44.49 million (15.7%).