Ilham Aliyev: Active work is needed in defining borders with Armenia


October 5, Fineko/ We hope that the Azerbaijani-Armenian delimitation commissions will not waste time actively working towards defining the borders, which currently do not exist.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev stated this in his speech at the Azerbaijan National Urban Development Forum in Aghdam.

"We hope the two relevant border delimitation commissions, the commissions of Azerbaijan and Armenia, will also not waste time and will actively work towards defining borders that do not actually exist between the two countries. During the almost 30-year occupation, this border was completely under the control of Armenia. So, when the occupation ended, we came to the border, which we assumed to be the border, and settled down there. Therefore, to determine this border with length of more than 400 km, of course, active work is necessary, based on historical documents, historical maps and international experience, a certain methodology. These processes are underway, but, again, it is difficult to say how successful it will be," he emphasized.