AQTA warns entrepreneurs working in field of food imports


October 6, Fineko/ Despite educational events, warnings and work in connection with bringing to administrative responsibility, serious violations by some business entities in connection with translation into Azerbaijani the information on labels and names of food products are still revealed during control measures.

The Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency (AQTA) informs that this, in turn, violates the requirements of Azerbaijan’s Laws on Food Products and on Consumer Protection, and also leads to the fact that consumers cannot get complete information about the product.

In view of the fact that non-compliance with the rules of storage or use of these products can pose a serious danger to human health, AQTA once again appeals to business entities engaged in activities in the field of food imports to strictly comply with the requirements of these laws. AQTA also states that food products whose labels and names have no translation into Azerbaijani have begun to return to importing countries.