Deposits of stone and clay to be sold at auction in Azerbaijan for 2,400 manats


October 12, Fineko/ The next auction for putting the subsoil into operation will take place on 11 November.

ABC.AZ reports that the Bayan deposit of facing stone of Dashkesan district, the Tepechel deposit of clay of Balaken district, gypsum deposit Yukhary Agjekend of Geranboy district will be put up for sale on one lot and sand-gravel deposit Garasuchai of Geranboy district on 6 lots at the auction to be held at 11 am at the Section of Property Services of the State Service for Property Issues.

In order to become owners of deposits, the starting price of which varies from 2,400 to 40,865 manats, applicants must submit the appropriate package of documents to address: Baku city, Sabail district, Istiglaliyat, 31.

Individuals and legal entities wishing to participate in the auction can also contact the Real Estate Support Service to get information about the auction, pay a service fee and a deposit of 10%.