Buckwheat and lentils have risen in price by 1 manat in Azerbaijan


November 22, Fineko/abc.az. In Azerbaijan, the cost of 1 kg of buckwheat and lentils in October this year grew by 1 manat against October 2021.

ABC.AZ reports that average and import prices for 1 kg of buckwheat grew increased by 1 manat 11 gapiks against last October (by 39.2%), and in October this year amounted to 3 manat 94 gapiks.

According to all three indicators, the price of lentils also increased by almost 90 gapiks. Thus, the average price per 1 kg compared to October 2021 grew by 86 gapiks (by 28.1%) up to 3 manat 92 gapik.

The price of local lentils increased by 87 gapiks, that is, by 29.5%, to 3 manats 82 gapiks, imported - by 89 gapiks, or 28.2%, to 4 manats 04 gapiks.