Banks with operating profit of more than AZN 25 million


November 29, Fineko/ One out of the 26 banks operating in Azerbaijan did not receive operating profit for Jan-Sept 2022.

ABC.AZ reports that speech is about the Baku branch of the National Bank of Pakistan.

In other words, this bank suffered operating loss for AZN 379,000.

The remaining 25 banks received operating profits in various amounts. In five of them, this figure exceeds AZN 25 million. Among them are Kapital Bank (AZN 339.56 million), International Bank of Azerbaijan (AZN 281.746 million), PASHA Bank (AZN 149.89 million), Xalq Bank (AZN 34.079 million) and Bank of Baku (AZN 26.245 million).

In eight of the remaining 20 banks, operating profit ranges from AZN 10 million to AZN 25 million, in 11 banks from AZN 1 million to AZN 10 million, and in one bank less than AZN 1 million.