Companies with least insurance payments for Jan-Oct 2022


December 1, Fineko/ The insurance companies that made the lowest compensation payments for the past 10 months are Meqa Hayat Sigorta (AZN 3,000), Ipek Yolu Sigorta (AZN 150,000), Xalq Hayat Sigorta (AZN 339,000), Naxchivan Sigorta (AZN 466,000) and joint insurance company Aqrar Sigorta Insurance (AZN 1.155 million).

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Central Bank that the above-said companies compensated for totally AZN 2.1 million (0.6% of the total amount of compensation payments.

The total payments of the remaining 10 insurance companies amounted to AZN 58.17 million (16.2%).