Chicken meat has fallen in price in Azerbaijan


December 5, Fineko/ Tax incentives introduced since the middle of this year for the import of feed and feed additives used in poultry farming have led to stabilization and reduction of the cost of both poultry meat and eggs production.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Azerbaijan Poultry Meat & Egg Producers & Exporters’ Association that as a result of the stabilization of the cost of egg production, wholesale prices have remained unchanged for almost two months: "Last year at this time, the wholesale price of eggs was 19 gapiks, and this year - 15 gapiks. This year, the traditional rise in price associated with the beginning of the winter season did not happen either. 

Our expectations are that current prices will not change in the near future. For several days, 1 kg of chilled chicken has been reduced from 4.7-5 manats to 4.2-4 manats. The corresponding discount also applies to individual chicken parts (wings, thigh, thigh base, fillet, etc.). From our discussions with representatives of production enterprises, it becomes clear that the reduced prices will be valid on the eve of the Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis of the World and the New Year. We do not consider the price increase to be real as long as the current situation on the world market persists, as well as the exemptions that our state applies to feed and feed additives."