Azerbaijan reports growth of Premium Euro-95 imports from Russia by 22% 


December 6, Fineko/ Azerbaijan imported 85,245.08 tons of gasoline Premium Euro-95 for the first 9 months of 2022 (27% less against Jan-Sept 2021).

ABC.AZ reports that the cost of imported Premium Euro-95 reached $87.98 million (a rise of 1.7%).
In particular, deliveries from the Russian Federation amounted to 58,892.2 tons (a rise of 21.8%) for $60.676 million (growth of 1.8-fold). As a whole, 69.1% of all imports of Premium Euro-95 accounted for Russia.

Azerbaijan imported 7,286.18 tons for $6.505 million from Romania, 10,456.7 tons for $11.846 million from Bulgaria, 8,196.25 tons for $7.747 million from Turkmenistan, 413.75 tons for $323,020 from Belarus.