First ATM with gold launched in India


December 6, Fineko/  An ATM has been launched in Hyderabad, India, which allows you to buy gold coins with money from credit or debit plastic cards.

ABC.AZ reports that this is the first such machine operating in real time not only in India, but also in the world.

The device is manufactured by Goldsikka Pvt Ltd. The ATM stores up to 5 kg of 24-carat gold coins, which allows their purchase in eight versions – from 0.5 g to 100 g. An important feature of the ATM is that the price of gold on its display is updated in real time in accord with changes in the quotations of this precious metal at the London Stock Exchange.

The ATM has reliable security system – a video camera, an audible alarm and a communication line with the police.
On the first day of operation, the innovative ATM served 20 customers.
"Golden ATMs" operate in the UAE, the USA, Spain, Germany and Italy.