Cases when you should contact State Tourism Agency 


December 07, Fineko/ In case of an increase in pre-order prices for hotels in Azerbaijan, you should contact the State Tourism Agency.

ABC.AZ reports that Gunay Saglam, the executive director of the Association of Hotels of Azerbaijan, made this statement when commenting on the claims of travel companies in connection with the unpredictable price increase.

"If the hotel has a contract with a travel company, and both parties are professionals, such cases are unlikely. But sometimes unpleasant situations happen. Large hotels have complaint mechanisms, and travel agencies can contact the State Tourism Agency based on these mechanisms. But, as far as we know, there are no such cases in large hotels. Because prices are negotiated in advance, and contracts are signed and act in accordance with them. Seasonal prices are also discussed in advance and agreement is reached.

Currently, local travel agencies are mostly dissatisfied with the fact that they are not given preference. In fact, we are discussing this with local hotels. Many hotels have changed prices for local travel companies," he emphasized.