MP: Closure of borders is linked with security problem

11:36 - 28.03.2023

March 28, Fineko/ Earlier it was reported that the Georgian press published information that from 1 May the neighboring country will open a land border with Azerbaijan. 

ABC.AZ reports that MP Vahid Akhmedov, who made a statement to the local press after that, said that there was no official information on this issue yet: "Such information appeared in the Georgian press, and I read it. But there is no official information on the occasion yet."

According to the MP, the closure of borders relates mainly to the issue of security. 
"Of course, I would like the dry borders to open. I even suggested that, at least, the borders should be opened, subject to inspections, and certain issues should be resolved. There are people who must come, there may be certain problems in their family. A certain part of these people can be released by implementing a high-control mechanism. But if you look around, some events are happening - relations with Iran, the games that Russia is playing in Karabakh, etc. - all this is done to ensure security so that serious problems do not arise in Azerbaijan. Personally, as MP, I am a supporter of the opening of these borders in Azerbaijan. Borders can be opened by introducing a strict control mechanism."