Azerbaijan’s exports to this country totaled $19.4 million for Jan-Feb

12:40 - 31.03.2023

March 31, Fineko/ Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector exported goods for $273.9 million to Turkiye for Jan-Feb 2023.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the March issue of magazine ‘Export Review’, presented by the Center for Analysis & Communication of Economic Reforms.

According to the issue, Azerbaijan exported non-oil products to the Russian Federation for $137.7 million, to Georgia for $64.7 million, to Kazakhstan for $19.4 million and to the Swiss Confederation for $19 million.

The report says that in February 2023, non-oil exports amounted to $366.9 million.

In February 2023, the volume of exports of food products amounted to $53.4 million and non-food products - $313.5 million.