Unusual bans in different countries of world



Feeding bread and bread crumbs to the pigeons is considered a good thing in any country and in any city, except for Venice. Feeding of pigeons in this city can be fined quite a high amount. The reason for introduction of such penalties is the decision of the state to protect historical monuments and buildings from the harmful effects of birds.


Since 1910, in France, the law has prohibited kissing on the railway platform. The reason for such a ban was that the long farewell of lovers delayed the movement of trains, which eventually lagged behind their schedule. This law has been valid to date. But now at the railway stations there are special places for a quiet farewell to lovers.


Authoritative persons are depicted on the banknotes of Thailand.  If someone accidentally steps on that money, they can be fined a considerable amount.


It is forbidden by law to touch marine animals at distance of 3 miles from the British coastline. By law, animals at this distance are considered to be the property of the Kingdom, and are untouchable. Probably, this law was adopted for the protection of animals.


Sale of worldwide popular chocolate eggs Kinder Surprise had been banned in the United States until 2013. The reason was too small size of toys placed in the egg.  It was believed that young children can swallow small parts of collapsible toys. Their sale was resumed after new dimensions for kinder surprise toys were developed.


Collecting coins in this country is a pointless exercise, because, according to the law adopted in 1985, the payment of a product worth more than 10 Canadian dollars cannot be made in pennies.


If a person is caught three times for throwing garbage into the street, he will be obliged to wash the streets on Sundays with a sign on his neck "I littered". And such punishments are broadcast on local television.