Expert: Recycling can have positive impact on automobile production in Azerbaijan

15:59 - 6.06.2023

June 6, Fineko/ The government has been imposing restrictions on the import of automobiles, in general, cars for many years. Taxes are being raised per cu cm of car engine. Taxes and fees are increasing in this area. In addition, entry into the country of cars slightly older than a year is restricted. This is understandable - both the import of passenger cars into the country is prevented due to traffic congestion, and an attempt to support domestic production of passenger cars in the country. But, it also shows its negative result in the deterioration of the fleet. ABC.AZ was informed by expert Parviz Heydarov said.

The expert, who highly appreciated this step of the government, does not forget about the recognition. He added that recently the fleet of automobiles in the country has become very outdated: "That is, the service life of most motor vehicles currently in operation was either about 10 years or more than 10 years. Under such conditions, the issue of recycling is a reasonable, logical step if there is car production in the country. And this in itself should be evaluated positively. But, it is important on the basis of which mechanisms this disposal will be carried out. The expansion of sales of new automobiles through the introduction of mechanisms for demanding compensation payments or surcharges on a barter basis can be considered positive steps."

By Elmir Murad