AQTA is endowed with new powers

16:14 - 7.06.2023

June 7, Fineko/ The Food Safety Agency has been given new powers

ABC.AZ reports that this is reflected in the amendment made to the Regulation on the Agency by a presidential decree.

The new powers of the Agency include:

- ensuring the transfer in real time to the information system of the relevant state body of information about foreign countries in the territory of which particularly dangerous animal diseases have arisen, and goods whose import is prohibited;

- identification of farm animals, which allows monitoring each animal or group of animals to monitor the implementation of veterinary measures for the diagnosis and prevention of animal diseases;

- registration of facilities for the production of biological products for animals in order to track their compliance with the requirements of veterinary legislation;

- making an opinion on the placement, construction, restoration and commissioning of state veterinary control facilities related to the production, supply, storage, processing and sale, as well as transportation of products subject to state veterinary control.