Orkhan Mammadov: Shortcomings revealed in field of sand and gravel extraction

12:39 - 9.06.2023

June 9, Fineko/abc.az. Shortcomings in the field of sand and gravel extraction have been revealed in Azerbaijan

ABC.AZ reports that Orkhan Mammadov, the chairman of board of the Agency for the Development of Small & Medium-sized Businesses (KOBIA) under the Ministry of Economy, said this at business forum "Available opportunities & prospects in the mining sector" held in Baku.

He added that the shortcomings relate to the deepening of drilling operations in riverbeds, creation of large pits, non-admission of water to the mouths of rivers, occurrence of landslides, failure to inform entrepreneurs by relevant institutions during the work and weak control for many years.

"Also, certain shortcomings in the field of inventory, suspension of production due to non-payment of fines issued can be attributed to the shortcomings," he noted.