Kapital Bank took the initiative to host an event called “Data Talks”

14:13 - 22.09.2023

As previously reported, Kapital Bank, Azerbaijan's first bank, has partnered with SUP.VC to launch a series of unique events centered around one of the most relevant topics of our time — databases. Data Talks, the first event within the project, has successfully concluded. This year, there are plans to host a total of 6 similar events.

The event kicked off with a speech from Renad Jafarov, the leader of Kapital Bank's Data Transformation Center of Expertise of Data Management Tribe. During his address, he highlighted, “Kapital Bank has long been on the path of data transformation, and we've achieved significant success. We have extensively studied international best practices and brought in professional experts. The data transformation project has instilled a data-driven culture and decision-making environment within the bank. Concurrently, we have effectively managed data collection, analysis, and security to prevent data pollution. We have effectively ensured data security, which is a vital component of modern business. Kapital Bank is ready and eager to share the wealth of experience accumulated by both international and local experts with anyone looking to excel in this field. Currently, we have various job openings in this area. Join us, and rest assured that the experience you gain will be highly valuable.”

The event featured Kamran Agayev as the expert, bringing over 20 years of experience in managing highly stable databases. Kamran Agayev is also an honored recipient of the Oracle ACE Director award. During his presentation, he delved into topics surrounding the establishment and administration of highly stable databases, their architecture, and solutions to address potential challenges.

The event drew professionals from the database field and over 100 participants with a strong interest in the subject. It offered them a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences, make new connections, and gain fresh insights into the world of hosting and managing big data.

Before the year's end, the project will host five more events. International experts Ozer Gunal and Bora Sezen will be part of the upcoming events, which will be conducted in the format of Data Workshops and Data Panels.

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