Nakhchivan reveals about 13,000 accounting evasions in May-August

16:36 - 22.09.2023

September 22, Fineko/ The results of the process of simplifying the accounting of taxpayers engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic within the new tax administration have been summed up.

ABC.AZ reports that in May-August 2023 the unification of accounting data for 4,691 objects was carried out in the NAR.

In the course of the work on ordering, when comparing the actual accounting data of taxpayers and the basic accounting data of tax authorities, 12,542 deviations from accounting were revealed.

At that, the presence of economic objects, the type of activity of taxpayers and their objects, the state (active, passive) of the economic entity (object) are specified, the rights of use of the object, its area and other accounting data are investigated.

During the completion period, 361 old-generation cash registers were removed from registration, while 279 new-generation cash registers and 302 POS- terminals were installed.

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