System for complaints about weak Internet created

16:30 - 15.11.2023

November 15, Fineko/ The Information & Communication Technologies Agency (IKTA), Azerbaijan's regulatory agency for telecommunications and postal services, has launched a new complaint system.

ABC.AZ reports that the purpose of creating the system is to monitor and control a unified system of prompt investigation and flexible resolution of citizens' appeals or complaints against Internet service providers and operators operating in the country.

With the help of new electronic system E-Complaintit will be possible to protect the interests of telecommunications users whose rights are protected by law, manage the flow of civil complaints in an automated form, apply automated measurement and analysis methods for such important areas as the quality of customer service, the level of service, customer satisfaction, as well as the quality of customer service.

A citizen can register in the E-Complaint system using the appropriate link. To do this, by going to the By ID section, you can go to the Subscriber page and submit an application or complaint from the Subscriber Cabinet automatically created for a citizen.

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