PSG Capital’s turnover decreased

17:51 - 15.11.2023

November 15, Fineko/ The turnover of investment company PSG Capital has decreased.

ABC.AZ reports that for Jan-Oct 2023, company’s exchange turnover amounted to AZN 104.4 million. Its turnover decreased by 36.6% compared with the same period of 2022.

Turnover on CBA notes amounted to AZN 45.6 million, on government bonds – AZN 25.9 million, on corporate bonds – AZN 26.9 million, on repo operations – AZN 5.2 million, and on shares – AZN 363,853.

This year, PSG Capital’s operations on CBA notes decreased 2.2-fold, operations on government bonds by 14.1%, operations on corporate bonds by 2.9%, repo operations 2.8-fold, operations on shares 2.1-fold.

This year, the number of operations of PSG Capital has also increased by 37.7% - from 856 to 1,179.

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