Tourists from abroad spent 1.769 billion manats for past three quarters

13:02 - 16.11.2023

November 16, Fineko/ Azerbaijan's income and expenses on inbound and outbound tourism for the first three quarters of 2023 have become known.

ABC.AZ reports that in the first three quarters, tourists who arrived in Azerbaijan from abroad incurred expenses in the amount of 1.769 billion manats ($1.4 billion), while tourists who left Azerbaijan abroad incurred expenses in the amount of 1.87 billion.

While the expenses of incoming tourists increased by 79% year-on-year, the expenses of outbound tourists grew by 53%.

Thus, there was positive balance in the balance of tourism abroad in the amount of 681.35 million manats, or $400.8 million at the current exchange rate.

Out of 1,535,800 foreigners who arrived in Azerbaijan in the first three quarters of 2023, 68%, or 1,044,300 people arrived for the purpose of tourism. In the relevant period of 2022, 1,162,700 foreigners arrived, and 787,800 of them arrived for tourist purposes.

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