Compensation is paid to farmers in Azerbaijan for damage caused by attacks of wild animals

16:05 - 17.11.2023

November 17, Fineko/ The Agricultural Insurance Fund has started paying compensation to farmers for damage caused by attacks of wild animals in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the AIF that at the moment 14 cases of wild animal attacks have been registered in the insured farms. Wild animal attacks occurred on farms in Hajigabul, Zangilan and Lachin districts. In some cases, payments have been made, and in others, the necessary documents for making payments have been collected.

Under the rules, agricultural insurance applies to dairy and beef cattle, as well as to small cattle. The insurance rate varies from 6.1% to 9.5% depending on the insurance package chosen by the farmer. 50% of insurance premiums are paid by the state for the support of the farmer. As a result, for example, the total insurance premium for cattle worth 2,000 manats ranges from 122-190 manats. And a farmer can insure his farm by paying only 50% of this amount. For example, for sheep insurance worth 300 manats, the total insurance premium is 18-28 manats, and the amount paid by the farmer is 9-14 manats.

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