Azerbaijan increased revenues from pomegranate exports by 76% in 10 months - revenues exceeded $20 million

12:05 - 20.11.2023

November 20, Fineko/ From January to October, Azerbaijan exported 17,578.16 tons of pomegranates for $20.3 million.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the State Customs Committee that export figures increased by $8.762 million (76%) in quantitative terms and by 9,099.35 tons (2.1-fold) in quantitative terms. Over Jan-Oct 2022, our country exported 8,479 tons of pomegranates abroad for $11.538 million.

Thus, the export price of a ton of pomegranate this year amounted to $1,155, and in the relevant period of 2022 — $1,361. Over the past year, this figure has decreased by $206 (by 15.1%).

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