Tesla has released table clock S3XY Time GlowClock

11:38 - 21.11.2023

November 21, Fineko/abc.az. Tesla has released a new product in China —S3XY Time Glow Clock.

ABC.AZ reports that the watch is equipped with six IPS color screens, on which the time is displayed.

The screens are hidden under quartz glass covers. The base of the watch is made of aluminum alloy. There is a speaker and a USB Type-C port. In the upper part of the case there are controls for controlling the device. Dimensions: length 204 mm, width 68 mm and height 70 mm. Weight — 475 g.

The watch is equipped with six built-in dials, five of them can be customized to your taste. It is possible to upload your own images to create a unique watch face. Time synchronization takes place via Wi-Fi. An RTC module is also installed inside. Also on board is an independent decoding chip that supports the output of 24-bit high-quality audio.