Simonyan: Time will come when Armenians, Azerbaijanis will have to live side by side

17:41 - 28.11.2023

November 28, Fineko/ There will come a time when Armenians and Azerbaijanis will have to live side by side.

ABC.AZ reports that Armenian Parliament’s speaker Alen Simonyan stated about this to journalists.

"We hope for it and will do everything for it to happen. Armenians and Azerbaijanis should engage in trade, I do not rule out that some Armenians will return to their homes on the territory of Azerbaijan, and after some time Azerbaijanis will come and settle in Armenia," Simonyan noted.

Responding to a question about whether there is a related clause in the peace treaty, Simonyan stated that he has not encountered such a clause.

"The peace treaty is entirely based on international principles – territorial integrity, opening of communications etc.," the speaker concluded.

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