xAI presents Grok chatbot

12:12 - 30.11.2023

November 30, Fineko/abc.az. Elon Musk's company xAI has presented Grok chatbot, which is linked to social network X (formerly known as Twitter).

ABC.AZ reports that Musk wrote about this in X.

"Grok is an AI that is modeled on the model from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it is designed to answer almost any questions and, which is much more difficult, it can even advise itself what questions to ask," xAI said in a statement.

Grok has real-time access to X social network data, which gives it a "fundamental advantage" over other AI models that learn mainly from Internet archives, xAI said.

The chatbot has a "rebellious streak" and it will answer questions "with a drop of wit", the company noted. Musk added that Grok "loves sarcasm". The fact that the chatbot has personal qualities will allow it to stand out among other AI, the company hopes.

"Grok will also answer the thorny questions that most other AI reject," xAI noted.

So far, a "very early beta version" of Grok is available, which was trained for only two months, xAI said. Despite this, Grok "is surpassed only by AI models that were trained using significantly more data and computing resources, such as: like GPT-4," the company says.

Owners of a Premium subscription to X, which costs $16 per month for the web version, will be able to access the chatbot, Musk said.

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