Interbrand: World’s most expensive brands

15:48 - 30.11.2023

November 30, Fineko/ Top 3 of world’s most expensive brands remained unchanged in the ranking published by consulting company Interbrand. Apple ranks 1st with a brand worth $502.7 billion, which grew by 4%. This is the 11th year in a row that Apple has been leading in the ranking. Microsoft ranks 2nd with a brand worth $316.7 billion and growth of 14%. Amazon ranks 3rd with a brand worth $276.9 billion and growth of 1%.

Google, Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Nike and BMW also entered Top 10. The most expensive brands are Johnson & Johnson, Sephora, Nespresso, Heineken and Canon.

The most expensive brands of 2023:

Apple ($502.6 billion);

Microsoft ($316.7 billion);

Amazon ($276.9 billion);

Google ($260.2 billion);

Samsung ($91.4 billion);

Toyota ($64.5 billion);

Mercedes-Benz ($61.4 billion);

Coca-Cola ($58 billion);

Nike ($53.7 billion);

BMW ($51.1 billion).

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