Vugar Gulmammadov: Legislative acts to be amended

12:45 - 1.12.2023

December 1, Fineko/ The Accounts Chamber is working over the guidelines on the audit of public procurement.

ABC.AZ reports that ACA chairman Vugar Gulmammadov said about this at an event on the topic "Introduction of new legislation on public procurement" in Baku.

He noted that some legislative acts concerning the application of the new law will be amended. Once this is done, we’ll complete the guide.

"The purpose of the management is to carry out work relating to the functional task of the Chamber. With the new law, one of Chamber’s main functions is to assess effectiveness and timeliness of procurement. There are two main stages of purchase. The first is logging, and the second is concluding a contract based on this protocol. If the purchase is not completed in accordance with the contract, conditions and obligations are put forward again. They relate to the main violations in the control measures that we have carried out so far," Gulmammadov said.

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