Accumulated loss of Azəripək reaches 1 million manats

16:23 - 1.12.2023

December 1, Fineko/ Azəripək LLC, owned by Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation, completed 2022 with loss of 203,000 manats (4.6% more than in 2021).

ABC.AZ reports that as a result, the accumulated loss of the industrial enterprise grew by 25.6% and reached 990,000 manats.

As of January 1, 2023, Azəripək's assets amounted to 11.434 million mantas (3.3% more than 1 year ago). Company's liabilities grew by 99.3% to 612,000 manats, the balance sheet capital increased by 0.6% to 10.822 million manats, including the authorized capital declined by 2.6% to 11.546 million manats.

Azəripək was established in 2018. Company's production facilities include production of raw silk from cocoons, weaving, dyeing and decorative production, production of cotton spinning machines, and a spinning workshop.

Non-productive areas consist of an administrative building, mechanics, energy, transport and raw materials.

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