MP’s proposal in return for changing the customs limit of $300

17:22 - 4.12.2023

December 4, Fineko/ MP Vugar Bayramov said that he did not consider it advisable to change the customs limit of $300.

ABC.AZ reorts that when commenting on this issue on his Facebook account, the MP noted that the goods that citizens order for up to $300 per month are intended for personal consumption.

"In this regard, the reduction or taxation of this amount is in no way considered appropriate. On the other hand, there is an increase in the volume of e-applications all over the world. Our local entrepreneurs must also be prepared for these challenges.

The profitability of entrepreneurs should be strengthened not by reducing the customs limit set for citizens, but by minimizing their own costs and readiness for pure competition. In this regard, there is no need to change the customs limit of $300 per month of duty-free import for citizens. There are always opportunities to use other and more innovative mechanisms to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs," Bayramov said.


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