Vugar Gulmammadov: State Budget revenues and expenses grew 30-fold for last 20 years

12:21 - 5.12.2023

December 5, Fineko/ Over the past 20 years, the revenues of the State Budget of Azerbaijan have increased from AZN 1.2 billion up to AZN 34.9 billion and expenditures from AZN 1.2 billion up to AZN 35.9 billion.

ABC.AZ reports that this is stated in an article of Accounts Chamber’s chairman Vugar Gulmammadov, published in newspaper Azerbaijan.

He added that these figures indicate an increase in budget revenues and expenditures by about 30 times.

Gulmammadov noted that since 2003, expenditures related to ensuring national security and the work of law enforcement agencies increased more than 56-fold - from AZN 155 million up to AZN 8.7 billion.

"During this period, social spending grew more than 20-fold - from AZN 551.8 million up to AZN 11.1 billion. Azerbaijan's GDP has grown 13-fold in nominal terms," he stressed.

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