Need criterion approved at level of 270 manats

12:32 - 5.12.2023

December 5, Fineko/ At today's Milli Majlis meeting, the Draft Law on the Living Wage for 2024 was discussed and passed in the 3rd reading.

ABC.AZ reports that the bill was presented by Tahir Mirkishili, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry & Entrepreneurship.

In the draft law, the living wage in the whole country for 2024 is set at 270 manats, for the able-bodied population - 287 manats, for pensioners - 222 manats, for children - 235 manats.

In addition, the parliament approved the "criterion of need" for 2024, used for targeted social assistance, at the level of 270 manats.

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