Accounts Chamber conducted inspection at Education Ministry — shortcomings revealed

12:39 - 6.12.2023

December 6, Fineko/ The Accounts Chamber of Azerbaijan, based on the business plan for 2023, conducted an audit of the Ministry of Science & Education, as well as the Ministry’s Self-Financing Construction & Supply Department to assess the state of public procurement carried out in 2021-22 for compliance with legal acts and identified shortcomings.

ABC.AZ reports that 494 contracts for 666.3 million manats were concluded during the audit period, the amount of execution under these contracts reached 526 million manats. Goods, works and services for 461.1 million manats were bought on the basis of purchase and sale agreements, the bulk of purchases made in both organizations were aimed at performing functions related to functional activities. In total, 411 contracts for 468.8 million manats were covered by the audit.

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