Fifteen BHOS graduates start working at SOCAR’s Integrated Drilling Trust


Young specialists graduating from Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) are in the focus of attention of large companies looking for highly trained engineers. Fifteen graduates of the Higher School awarded with Bachelor’s degrees in 2018 received job offers from SOCAR’s Integrated Drilling Trust. Out of them, twelve persons start working as drilling engineers, two persons are employed at the positions of engineering geologists and one person joins the Trust as an electronic engineer. All 15 graduates have been employed without a competitive selection process and job interviews.

According to the company policy and procedures, prior to receiving any job assignments the new staff members participated in the compulsory induction course and learned about their job responsibilities and activities carried out by the Trust onshore and offshore.

The SOCAR’s Integrated Drilling Trust performs exploration and production drilling works at approximately 25 onshore and offshore fields. The Trust carries out all its activities in compliance with international standards and according to industrial and administrative regulations. The company applies modern equipment and new technologies, which allow to prevent environmental damage and provide completely safe working conditions that protect employees’ health.