No empty seats left in Pirallahi Industrial Park

12:27 - 8.12.2023

December 8, Fineko/ The 1st phase of the formation of the industrial park in Pirallahi has been completed, ABC.AZ quotes Economic Zones Development Agency’s chairman Elshad Nuriyev.

"The park consists of two parts: 20 hectares and 10 hectares. After today's laying of the foundation of Gen Pharma Caucasus Manufacturing Operations LLC, there are no vacant places within the first phase," Nuriyev stated to journalists on Thursday.

He added that currently the number of residents of the industrial park is six, the volume of raised investments is estimated at 115.2 million manats, including the already invested 36.7 million manats, and the number of jobs actually created is 128.

Nuriyev noted that Pirallahi Industrial Park specializes in pharmaceutical enterprises, closely cooperates with the pharmaceutical faculty of the Medical University, as well as the Ministry of Health and medical institutions.


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