New ban is established for MPs

16:57 - 8.12.2023

December 8, Fineko/ Milli Majlis MPs, military personnel dismissed from law enforcement agencies, dismissed from active military service by a court verdict or in connection with deprivation of military rank in disciplinary manner cannot be the arbitrators.

ABC.AZ reports that this is reflected in the new Draft Law on Arbitration, discussed at Milli Majlis.

According to the draft law, the requirements for an arbitrator in relation to internal arbitration proceedings are determined. Arbitrators may be individuals who are not interested in the result of their work, who are independent of the parties and agree to perform the functions of an arbitrator, who have reached the age of 25, have higher education and work experience in their specialty for at least 3 years.

An arbitrator who resolves a dispute independently, along with the above-said requirements, must have higher legal education. In the absence of other consent of the parties, in the case of collective dispute resolution, the chairman of the Arbitral Tribunal must have higher legal education. The draft was put to the vote and adopted in the 1st reading.

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